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I remember it vividly—the fear, uncertainty sat cold at the bottom of my heart as I lay on the cold hard stone, my hands clasped over my middle. 

I knew for sure there was darkness below me and light above. I knew for sure I had to choose the light over the dark for me to move on. Staying was an option but it would suspend time for those who wait. 

Wait. Wait for what? 

All I could think about was moving up towards the light. How to do it though? I was lying in a tomb encased in a domed wall. No bars hindered me from going out of the box but the fall into the darkness was enough to keep us crippled. 

Us? Were there us in this dome? 

A faint light was at the top where a keystone would have been and I had the urge to climb up to it. I peeked through the soft billowing white curtains of my box trying to discern the other side of the wall. 

I see nothing. No movement. No life. Just the foreboding outlets from the stone wall. 

Is this Purgatory? Will moving to the light be my salvation?