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Why Twilight Fails


Why Twilight Fails.

Edward. Bella. A typical gorgeous-guy-fell-in-love-with-recluse-girl high school romance. Except, of course, the gorgeous guy happens to be a vampire. Twiliight, the novel and the movie, garnered millions of fans all over the world. It is still unclear to me until today why Twilight is as popular as it is. Is it because it appears to be the “pioneer” of the teenage vamp-teenage human love story? The plot? Perhaps. But I’ve seen better plotlines than what Twilight can offer. The prose? In the literary sense, I am not in accordance to anyone who would say it is strong on that respect. The reason, I guess, would be because Ms. Meyer was just telling a story. Like when your best friend would tell you her wretched love life even if you’re not interested. It had a humble vocabulary with little fancy words even a child could perfectly grasp the story.

I don’t dislike Twilight. In fact, I enjoyed it back when it wasn’t a word-of-mouth just yet. I was pretty happy with the first book considering it was a teen romance (pretty light) and was the first of its kind that I’ve read. However, to my horror, I soon found out that I would eventually be disappointed with the series’ subsequent novels. Boring! So utterly boring.. Come to think of it, ‘boring’ doesn’t even cut it. Almost everything was too predictable with Meyer I sincerely repulsed. The only reason I finished the series was that I never leave any story unfinished(which usually gets me in trouble when I read something during exams).

Aside from Twilight, the rest of the books had a fanfiction feel to them, plot-wise and prose-wise. I know I could just go to fanfiction.net and stumble on something that would have a better plot. Meyer wasted a perfectly good setting and messed up what could be a classic just like Harry Potter(but I suppose it’s already a class thought.*confused*) all because she’s been reading too much fan comments and reactions. She felt, I guess, that she should kiss-ass and write what the fans want.  Hello?! Readers may want to speculate about all the possibilities of the plot and may wish that they have their guesses spot on and that EVERYTHING would be all right. But seriously, incorporating them in your plotline? That’s like digging your own grave. It’s *censored* ’cause nothing ever happens without a few casualties. Her sham of a “showdown” in the last book was just that– a sham. It was too childish, too shallow, too much of bad writing. No one died. Ok. That’s fine. But no one even bled? Hardy har har. No casualty at all? I so laugh at that. . She was so intent on giving the readers a perfectly happy ending that she ended up sacrificing what could have been a very good story.

*sigh sigh sigh*

But even with all that, Meyer was able to pull it off to my utter (horror)amazement. And so, to my dismay, Twilight became a phenomenon almost overnight. That’s something I could never understand.