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SNSD and the KPOP madness

Yes. Yes. YES!

I am one of the many struck by the soshi virus—kpop virus generally. The hallyu wave hit me strong and hard… But I must defend myself though… When the world was feasting on jpop, jrock, and the anime OSTs, I had set my heart on kpop. I have been a kpop fan for 5 years already. I even know of S.E.S. and Jinusean.

SO anyway… my obession now centers on SNSD/Girl’s Generation. It’s not really all of them, I must admit. It’s basically Yuri. Yuri. Yuri. I like all of ’em girls but I just can’t take my attention away from YuL to be able to build up a devoted fandom to the other girls.

Speaking of Yul, check this out! Their new MV and she looks OMG!