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When Weddings Make Me Sad

Weddings. A new baby. In just 2 weeks, one acquaintance and my dearest cousin moved on to the next chapter of their lives—-the married life for the former, motherhood for the latter. They have finally moved on to a life I so imagine but yet to experience.

And I…. I feel the carpet being pulled out under me. Except for a notch on my post for a misbegotten relationship, I’m nowhere near becoming a wife or a mother. Yes, I lament that. Like every female of marrying age, I, too, dream of families, of babies, of happily ever after. I dream of growing old with that special someone. I dream of raising a child and giving her a pretty name.Alas, I don’t even have a boyfriend. Sh*t—(Pardon my french). I’m feeling panicky already. Even my mother is already selling me off. My dad on the other hand is pretty happy with my single status.