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#Selfie Scorn

With the advent of social media networks spearheaded by none other than Facebook, it has become the norm to post your face in the form of profile pictures and showcase your visage at its very best. At first only the bold had the guts to do it. People often hid themselves in obscured pics that represented who they are but did not reveal their true person. This was in the Friendster era. Then the boom of the smartphones in the late-2000s allowed the populace to shoot pictures at convenience. With the evolution of smartphones came the front facing cameras and the birth of selfies.

Selfies are photos taken of thy self by thy self.

It’s not a new concept but it spurned the production of vanity shots. And let’s face it, some people take it to the extreme. Other people are just obsessed with themselves or just obsessed with sharing how good they look in photos (and I think I am one of those people lol). Facebook, Imgur, Flickr, Instagram, and Google+ are great avenues to show the world how pretty, sexy, hot, and buffed you are or have become.  Somehow through the years, the audience of these narcissistic people are finally tired of it. “I JUST DONT WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE ANYMORE!” is probably one line running through their minds. Hence, #selfie scorn was born. It was no longer acceptable to see vanity photos on a regular basis. You were thought of as lonely, narcissistic or egoistic. These people who posted more than 5 pictures of themselves in succession and in angles not appreciated in ordinary life were looked down upon unless–here’s the catch– they were pleasant to look at. People who were pretty or handsome in real life was allowed to post hundreds of vanity pictures because the audience loves it.. they crave it… they want more of it. See the double standard. Sometimes, society’s sick mind just leaves this bitter aftertaste in my mouth that makes me want to shun the world again and again.