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What does it truly mean to be lucky. Is it lucky when mishap and mischief tend to avoid you? Or is it when you experience wondrous little miracles that make other envy you? If you were to choose… which one of the two would you ask for?

Personally…as i know a lot of people would… i would prefer the latter…coz i have the former. Really, though you’re safe from the wrath of the world it makes life a bit (or a lot!) dreary.

How i would love to be one of the winners of the lottery, for example, or get a rich and drop dead gorgeous hottie for a boyfriend, or just pick up one thousand pesos on the street. My luck has never been that good… and as you probably notice… i really wonder why! I mean i was born under the year of the dragon. Hell, they are supposed to be extremely… as in… EXTREMELY lucky. And it sucks coz i seem to defy the stars (which bothers me a lot).

Oh well…as Rhonda Byrnes would have it, i just need a change of perspective and be thankful for what i have. Hmmm let’s try that:

1. Thank you god that i am intelligent but then again i failed my recent exam
2. Thank you god i have food to eat..it made me FAT
3. Thank god i have a place to live too bad it’ll nearly fall apart
4. Thank god my parents love me but they seem never to want me at home
5. Thank god i have money to spend…*checks wallet* oh shoot! 5 PESOS?!